The Exclusive Attorney Financing Marketplace Upgrades its proprietary User Experience (UX) and Launches New Attorney Financing Portfolio of Products.

Houston, Texas –January 20th 2015 – With more than $200 million in case financing surpassed in 2014, LitCap has today announced additional products and services via the LitCap Marketplace which connects attorneys with qualified investors for law firm financing and attorney case cost expense financing.

We’ve compressed the funding cycle making it easier to use with more flexibility and a broader portfolio suite of products,” commented Britton J. Holland, COO and President of LitCap.  “Our #1 mission is to provide our attorney users with better access to funding and financial tools to more efficiently manage their law practice.”

In 2014, LitCap facilitated more than $200 million in case cost financing for preeminent attorneys.  In 2015, the company expanded its suite of products, specifically tailored to attorneys and law firms, to include business expense financing, which extends the range of loans beyond funding case costs or expenses.  These new products for qualified attorney members include contingent and non-recourse financing for attorneys for business expenses and related costs to build their practice.

Membership is free to qualified lawyers. 

LitCap 4.0, the new platform and UX currently in beta, will be rolled out in March.  4.0 includes an upgrade to the User Experience and Interface for investors and attorneys to facilitate attorney financing.  The upgraded attorney and investor UX aims to provide members with an improved user experience and to compresses the time from case listing to case financing.  The UX is designed to make it simple for attorneys to log in online to the LitCap Platform from any device to list their cases and receive funding. The upgraded LitCap Platform was designed to facilitate attorney financing on a case by case basis and uses a Dashboard centric approach which features enhanced mouse over capabilities and other modern design techniques such as Responsive Design User Interface (UI). The difference in the updated UX means enhanced reporting for investors and better streamlined workflow for attorneys.

The LitCap Platform is a game changer,” commented Harris Junell of Bailey, Peavy & Bailey PLLC out of Houston, Texas.  “We been using LitCap since 2013, when they first launched, and it has truly improved our practice.”

Attorney Financing Online Marketplace Platform


“Our Members tell us they wish they had known about the LitCap Marketplace sooner,” commented Hugh J. Plummer, Jr, CEO and Managing Director of LitCap.

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Mr. Plummer further commented, “Lawyers have been financing their contingent cases the same way for decades, just as it was done when Abraham Lincoln was trying cases, before the telegram, before the car, and before electricity or the internet. Having a platform that mitigates the ability for the big guy to outspend the little guy in litigation, truly brings balance to our civil justice system in the United States.  It circumvents the inherent conflict of interest between a lawyer and his contingent client and directly benefits the State Bar IOLTA program in every state where LitCap is used. We believe that LitCap is to case cost financing what Westlaw and Lexis Nexus were to legal research.”

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