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How LitCap Works

Participation is reserved for the nation’s most recognized attorneys

What We Do What We DON’T Do
DO:  Provide attorneys access to fund and finance their out-of-pocket case costs on behalf of their clients. DO NOT:  Lend money for any use other than case-related expenses. Funds are not to be used for expenses such as living accommodations or attorney’s fees.
DO:  Provide attorneys with a financing alternative that better suits their business. DO NOT:  Allow investor to share in the legal fees generated in a case. The principal and the interest of the loan is the only amount due no matter how small or large the recovery.
DO:  Allow attorneys to seek case-related funding for cases that are currently on file with a court of competent jurisdiction. DO NOT:  Allow lawsuits to be listed on our platform that have not been previously filed with a court of competent jurisdiction.
DO:  Conform to state ethics guidelines for jurisdictions LitCap serves. DO NOT:  Encourage frivolous, abusive, or meritless lawsuits.
DO:  Allow attorneys to present non-privileged information about their case in the case listing DO NOT:  Allow lenders to communicate with attorneys post-funding nor allow undue outside influence on attorneys from investors.
DO:  Contribute funds directly to IOLTA accounts. The interest accrued from IOLTA accounts is used for the attorney’s State Bar Association, and helps fund legal and charitable causes. DO NOT:  Require any periodic repayments. Repayment is due only at the end of case after a recovery is made, although funds may be partially repaid at any time.