Should Trial Attorneys Use Alternative Litigation Finance?

Should Trial Attorneys Use Alternative Litigation Finance via Texas Lawyer Trial attorneys, especially contingent-fee-based attorneys, often are exposed to large litigation costs. The large, case-related costs create a problem for contingent-fee attorneys because the attorneys absorb the financial risk and front their clients’ case-related expenses. Additionally, contingent-fee attorneys do not

LitCap Platform Release 3.2.2 Includes Legal Financing Marketplace Upgrades.

Houston, Texas – September 16th 2014 – The LitCap Platform Release 3.2.2 includes new features for investors and attorneys which facilitate case expense financing.  The LitCap platform provides attorneys a secure marketplace to easily and efficiently obtain case expense financing on behalf of clients, as needed.  With the ever increasing costs

What are Litigation Expenses?

The list of costs associated with litigation include filing fees for documents in court, discovery, depositions, expert witness fees for depositions, expert witness fees for trial, and travel expenses.   Litigation Expense Snapshot for pre trial to trial case cost expenses from LitCap Marketplace This report answers the questions: What