The LitCap technology platform enables qualified investors to participate in the litigation funding sector.

Las Vegas, NV – October 2015 – LitCap is an online litigation finance marketplace exclusive for preeminent attorneys whom have obtained the highest levels of recognition. The company matches lawyer/law firm financing needs with qualified institutional Investors. LitCap provides a “a menu of products” for investors interested in litigation finance.

Since inception of the company in 2013, the LitCap technology platform has invested on behalf of the institutional financial community more than $300m of capital; representing annual returns of ~20%: while representing a minimal default rate. This alternative asset class is uncorrelated and represents a significant investment opportunity.

Additionally the company has most recently upgraded its quality assurance underwriting group and technologies to enable investors on the platform to increase yields and more effectively manage their investment activities.

In summary, we at LitCap are committed to providing the institutional investment community with the venue and technology to participate in the Litigation Funding Sector.

The LitCap platform today illustrates nearly $50m of unfunded lawyer/law firm financing demand which we are looking for qualified investors to participate and supply financing capital to meet this demand.

Please contact either Gregory Aurre or Garry E. Meier at LitCap
(713-946-6464) to meet at the Alternative Asset Summit in Las Vegas: Wynn Hotel October 28 thru 30, 2015.  For more details on the conference check here: